Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No I did not fall off the face of the EARTH

Hi there, I am still alive, I have just had a TON of stuff going on and NO INTERNET !!!!!! Ok with that said I will have more post coming soon.
I am really trying to make some real heart felt decistion's in my Photography ! the decision is if I should close the doors or if I should push through this bad economy!!1 Photography has been a great blessing in my life and a huge passion , and still is. But listening to God is far more important to me, So please pray for the decision to be the right one !!! Please leave a comment for me if you have time, Comments really help me to know if I am on the right page, I love to have feed back and other peoples opinions good or bad. thank you GOD BLESS kim

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hi there, to All my friends and Family! I never really write much on my blog, because I get so busy and I think that is not so fair to all that love and support my very FAST growing buisness.

I just want to take the time right now to say how thankful I am for everyone that has trusted me and loved me throughout the great process in learning Photography, I am also very greatful for all the prayer's and support from everyone! To day and everyday I have to remind myself OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH!!, as I some time forget to trust in God and have a grateful heart. God has given me a wonderful Gift not only photography , But the Gift of Eternal life, friendships,family,health and beautiful childeren and a wonderful husband. So today my thanksgiving is that I am Thank
ful for The everlasting FORGIVENESS that God gives me everyday , Because "OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH " comes a knock'in everyday lately , and in that moment , I have the freedom, to stop and as for forgiveness and HE FORGIVE"S God Bless , and Happy Holidays Kimberly Adams

Saturday, November 21, 2009