Tuesday, May 25, 2010

52 Weeks of Blessings {week7}

I want to start my week of blessings saying that I am very blessed to have such a wonder pet , and that she is a blessing to me, I feel that this week she has had a blessing , she had 4 puppy's and they are just wonderful.
The blessings that I have received this week have not been financial or material , just full hearted friendship and love.
I feel very blessed that each day lately I have meet and are getting to know wonderful family's and women , that have the same heart for God and it has just been wonderful.
I also feel blessed that my sister, who has waited and listen to God through so much in her life , and chose to make wonderful decisions, even when they where hard , had found the man of her dreams and this weekend , will marry this Man, He is truly a man of God and I love him and his family.

Well all of my stuff is all at Davids Bridal and ready to go, Now it is totally up to God what path that he chooses for it to go, I really do feel that when God starts a good work in you , he will see it to the end, He just might see it a tid bit different and I really want to listen and hear the direction he wants me to go.

So to sum up the blessings list , I am Blessed with friendships,family, a job that is moving forward not backwards, a family that is all married to the men of there dreams, a wonderful pet and the knowledge to know that God has begun a work in me and with see it to the end

Phillippians1:6 He who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ ,developing and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you

Sunday, May 16, 2010

52 Weeks of Blesings {Week 6}

Today in my blog I want to discuss the Power of not giving up and about casting all your cares! These two things are huge responsibility's but are commanded by God that we do them. As I was reading my devotional to day it was discussing how the hard times in life really make you want to give up,so many people start a dream and through the hard time they just cant see past them and give up on this dream! In my devotion ,it was discussing that the hard times are preparation for the greater days the Lord had ahead.

This really gets me thinking, how many times I wanted to give up during harder time and how "WOW" this to will pass , has come and gone. I have cryed tears and sometime I feel like I was going a bit crazy but the power of my God is far more powerful than my craziness.
So I feel to day my blessings are all the obstacles I have overcome and the power God has given me to stay upright and strong.
So cast all your cares on Him, and look ahead with eyes of faith to the time when all the hard times are over and the bigger picture is greater and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Well I cant blog with out any pictures
Here are a few pics of my wonderful niece and nephew

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jamie and Kristen

This was such a fun session, they both gad such great ideas and so much energy !!! They took me aroud to a ton of new spots to photograph at, which is awsome for the "Newby" in town :) , Anyways thank you again guys , I had a blast :)

52 weeks of Blessings {week 5}

Well this week has be wonderful and also a little stressful, but we all survived and will live to see tomorrow!

To explain the stressful week, It all starts here. Well God gives us huge things in our lives and it causes us to go to our knees to make sure it is of Him, not of the flesh.

This week God provided to me a spot to be the photographer representative for the Davids Bridal in Portland and I was thrilled , this could be huge for me in the wedding industry and also as I work so hard to re-establish here in this new area. I will get to meet the new brides,and communicate with all the ones that the store books, they will display my work and they also provide a spot to meet with the bride. So I really feel Gods handy work in my life

I have been blessed also that Lexi my oldest received the Student of the Day award at school for her good behavior and helpfulness at school, I love that she goes the extra mile to help.

the stressful part of my week is that my computer crash hard , and my wonderful brother-in- law had to come fix it again. I had this computer build about two years ago and I just cant seem to get it to stay work'in, so Cody says , We just need to start over and do it right! I should have just let him do it from the beginning, I wouldn't have so many problems

But the blessing is that he got it running again and we are back on a roll , well until next Time

God is an amazing and Powerful God KIM