Monday, May 10, 2010

52 weeks of Blessings {week 5}

Well this week has be wonderful and also a little stressful, but we all survived and will live to see tomorrow!

To explain the stressful week, It all starts here. Well God gives us huge things in our lives and it causes us to go to our knees to make sure it is of Him, not of the flesh.

This week God provided to me a spot to be the photographer representative for the Davids Bridal in Portland and I was thrilled , this could be huge for me in the wedding industry and also as I work so hard to re-establish here in this new area. I will get to meet the new brides,and communicate with all the ones that the store books, they will display my work and they also provide a spot to meet with the bride. So I really feel Gods handy work in my life

I have been blessed also that Lexi my oldest received the Student of the Day award at school for her good behavior and helpfulness at school, I love that she goes the extra mile to help.

the stressful part of my week is that my computer crash hard , and my wonderful brother-in- law had to come fix it again. I had this computer build about two years ago and I just cant seem to get it to stay work'in, so Cody says , We just need to start over and do it right! I should have just let him do it from the beginning, I wouldn't have so many problems

But the blessing is that he got it running again and we are back on a roll , well until next Time

God is an amazing and Powerful God KIM

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