Sunday, May 16, 2010

52 Weeks of Blesings {Week 6}

Today in my blog I want to discuss the Power of not giving up and about casting all your cares! These two things are huge responsibility's but are commanded by God that we do them. As I was reading my devotional to day it was discussing how the hard times in life really make you want to give up,so many people start a dream and through the hard time they just cant see past them and give up on this dream! In my devotion ,it was discussing that the hard times are preparation for the greater days the Lord had ahead.

This really gets me thinking, how many times I wanted to give up during harder time and how "WOW" this to will pass , has come and gone. I have cryed tears and sometime I feel like I was going a bit crazy but the power of my God is far more powerful than my craziness.
So I feel to day my blessings are all the obstacles I have overcome and the power God has given me to stay upright and strong.
So cast all your cares on Him, and look ahead with eyes of faith to the time when all the hard times are over and the bigger picture is greater and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Well I cant blog with out any pictures
Here are a few pics of my wonderful niece and nephew

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