Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No I did not fall off the face of the EARTH

Hi there, I am still alive, I have just had a TON of stuff going on and NO INTERNET !!!!!! Ok with that said I will have more post coming soon.
I am really trying to make some real heart felt decistion's in my Photography ! the decision is if I should close the doors or if I should push through this bad economy!!1 Photography has been a great blessing in my life and a huge passion , and still is. But listening to God is far more important to me, So please pray for the decision to be the right one !!! Please leave a comment for me if you have time, Comments really help me to know if I am on the right page, I love to have feed back and other peoples opinions good or bad. thank you GOD BLESS kim


Carmen said...

Kim, you have such a gift!! I hope God gives you direction in using it for His glory-yuo' are awesome!!
Carmen Cardwell

srgray said...

Kimbo you have always been and will continue to be blessed by God with your beautiful talent...dont let the recession scare you...God will only give you as much as he believes you can handle...he will let you know when the time to stop is. I personally though dont want to see you stop, you have such an amazing eye and passion...it would be like asking me to stop my floral work...I would be miserable with out it. You are in my prayers and always will be!!!

Ronda said...

You will have peace when the right decision is made. Praying for clarity of thought and guidance for you. Love ya!