Thursday, February 18, 2010

" Trash the Dress" {portland wedding photographer}

Well What Can I say , Keven Kubota Rocks !!! , As you can see at confrence this year we totally rocked out a Trash the dress session with Kevin Kubota , {yeah so he is the one standing in the air}, Well here are a few shots I got, but as you can see there where probably 50 other photogs there, and I did not have the best of spots, but let me tell ya we learned a ton and had a blast. Enjoy and if anyone is up to a trash the dress session I am ready to go , LETS DO IT !!!
God bless Kim

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Wenni Donna said...

Wonderful photography! And quite different than normal photo shoots. I have also booked one of the rental spaces for parties for getting my pre-wedding shoot done and also for a bachelorette party there and then. I really liked the innovative idea used here.