Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well this is The Day!!!!

Hello to all of my friends and family. My blog to day is to thank everyone that has worked with me and trusted me as I learned the art of photography. As I have done my books for the year I have come to the conclution that I despraitly need to make huge changes. Option one : no longer have a buisness , option two : Make changes and stick with them. Well I have prayed hard and I feel God telling me to stick my ground and not give up !!!! So I have gone through and made some changes . Again Thank you so much for the all that have come back to Elite Photography year after year. With this rearangment I really hope to be able to invest in new equipment and also move foward in education and hopfully be able to open a studio God willing!! But today I concentrate on being a mother and a good wife and also to learn to be a better buisness women. I feel that the strenght God gives me to move foward and succsed is here , and i am ready to listen. please Pray for my continued journey with Elite Photography that I am lead to make all the right decitions .

For all of the new prices please visit the website an go to investments , or packages

Thank You Again and God Bless Kimberly Adams

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