Monday, April 12, 2010

52 Weeks of Blessings {Week 3}

This has been a very busy week of traveling and work. With all this traveling I managed to break both of my flashes that where on stands acting as off camera flashes during a shoot , well let me tell ya , THIS WAS HORRIBLE , But this is where my blessings begin!!!! So with tears in my eyes I drove to Dallas Oregon where I have meet some wonderful people at a camera shop call Focal Point Photography , I walk in and lay all my equipment out and the owner and wonderful blessing to me Michael Lowery said OK KIM lets do some trading around and I want you to know , not only did I walk out of this store with the flashes I need , I walked out with the very last lenses I needed to have before my wedding season started. He took what I had and some how made my photography bag grow. Its like the store in the Bible where they only had Five loaves of bread and Two fish to feed the Multitudes. Matthew 14:17-21 I really went in that day expecting to walk out with one flash and still own him more money. Instead he took my stuff and told me what was redundant in lenses and , showed me what all I needed and spent so much of his time with me on more than one occasion. So is my blessing of the week , and I want you to know that are get people to call friends
Here are a few pics I took on the way home from Dallas Oregon of my girls, so if you ever are there in the Dalles Oregon area , stop in and see them , they have a wonderful and very helpful staff

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