Wednesday, April 21, 2010

52 weeks of Blessings {week4}

Well this week I start out my Blessing with my Oldest Daughter , "Alexia "!!! With her ,my blessings have been far more than I ever deserve . She has been my Rock for 10 years, When we where just "ME AND HER" she was my every breath. Now she is not only that , but a Huge help, and has a very loving heart. Her heart urns to be more like Christ , and she ask sooooo many question and she also speaks her mind about Christ no matter where she is at and who she is with ! Yet she is only 10 and she is just a child, and she had a ton of growing to do , she still is my Blessing all 52 weeks of every year

My other blessing for this week is the very fact that I am a succeeding photographer , this is a very hard industry to get involved in and definitely a hard one to make a job that profits. So I shout Hallellllluuuaa for my Blessings to Photography

Also my husband , How may family's in this whole world can say that both Husband and Wife have the jobs of there dreams ????? Well I am here to tell ya IT HAS HAPPENED!!! My husband and I are living our dream, it might not be with financial wealth , but it is in true contentment that God has given both of us the jobs of or dreams THANK YOU JESUS , is all I can say to that !!!!!!

"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God , that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him:for he careth for you 1Peter 5:6,7


japh said...

Very good post, you're so right. Love you.

Michelle said...

Kimberly these tulips are just magical! I love everything!!